Saint Florent & The Agriates

Saint Florent & The Agriates

Travel time: 2 hours

Distance: 75 kilometers

Difficulty: On the D62, between Casatorra and the San Stephano Pass (gorge of the Lancone Parade), the route is not recommended for caravans. In this case, choose the D82.

Tourist Board:
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In the heart of a beautiful gulf that has given its name to it, St. Florent lies at a small altitude north of the mouth of the Aliso river. Very popular, often called "Saint-Tropez de la Corse", St. Florent is a seaside resort whose success can easily be measured by the size of the yachts moored in the marina. St. Florent is the starting point for the magnificent beaches that are still wild and stretch out on the side of the Macchia of the Agriates Desert. It is the capital of Nebbio, a region that is developing into an amphitheatre in the hinterland. Nebbio is a land of vineyards, olive groves, orchards and pastures. The landscapes, dotted with dry stone walls and sheepfolds, show that it was prosperous and have been given the nickname "shell of gold". In this region there are many inviting small villages that are set up as observatories on the heights around the Aliso basin.


From the campsite you reach the roundabout of Furiani and take the N193 southbound (Ajaccio, Bonifaccio). After a new roundabout called Ceppe, continue for about 500 metres, then turn right onto the D62 shortly after the narrowing of the road to reach the Lancone Parade. Motorhomes, however, should take the N193 to the next roundabout, Tragone, and take the D82 towards Murato, St. Florent. In fact, it is difficult to meet in the parade. Both roads lead over the Bevinco River, whose water has dug this narrow and winding passage into the rock to the San Stefano Pass.

From the pass you make a detour to Murato and the church of St. Michael. Built in 1280, 1 km from Murato, it stands on a rocky promontory overlooking the Gulf of Saint Florent. It is not only one of the most famous churches in Corsica, but also the most original. Its polychrome facades of green serpentine and light limestone are unique in the Pisan island art of the 12th century. The delicacy of these stones has enabled the sculptors to create a rich, rich and varied decoration. The church of St. Michael of Murato deserves to be listed in 1875.

Take the D162 to quickly reach the D62. You are then on the Nebbio-Sims in the direction of Casta. You will pass through several small villages: Rappale, Sorrio, Piève (including two statue menhirs from the second millennium BC in front of the church), San Gavino and Santo Pietro di Tenda.


At the junction with the D81, turn right to get to St. Florent: an ideal city for a walk through the marina. From the top of the citadel, discover a surprising view of the old waterfront houses. Just 40 minutes from the San Damiano campsite, St Florent can also be the ideal place to spend a pleasant evening enjoying ice cream at the harbour or attending one of the many concerts held there every summer as part of music festivals.

Nebbio is also known for its vineyard: the AOC Patrimonio.
The 31 lands of this appellation are concentrated on almost 500 hectares. This terroir, which is well ventilated by the sea breeze, is located on the only clay and limestone area of the whole island and offers an annual production of almost 20,000 hectolitres. Red, rosé, white and muscatel wines owe their typicality and character to this exceptional ecosystem, to which must be added the quality of the Corsican grape varieties and, of course, the human heritage of an ancient wine-growing tradition. From the exit of Saint Florent to the village of Patrimonio, the wineries offer you tastings of their best vintage (to be enjoyed in moderation).


You can also admire one of Corsica's most famous tourist images: the church of San Martino, which stands on a hill above the village of Patrimonio and appears as a monumental building, with its high bell tower and its slate, which at sunset take on a warm golden blonde tone.
From Patrimonio, the road climbs up through a series of wide bends to the Teghime Pass, which offers a magnificent panorama of both coasts of the island. About 3 km after the pass, turn right onto the D264, which will allow you to bypass the centre of Bastia.


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