Customs officers’ way (Cap-Corse)

Customs officers' way (from Macinaggio to Santa Maria Tower)

Duration of the hike: 2h30 outward and return journey

Distance: 6 km outward and return journey

Level of difficulty: accessible to the whole family, on the other hand avoid days with strong winds.

Difference in altitude: 50m

Card: IGN 4347 OT

Suggestion: If you feel like a great hiker, you can continue the tour through Cape Corsica on the way of the customs officers to Centuri. Then allow about 8h30 walks and water accordingly.


This very wild site belongs largely to the Conservatoire du Littoral, which has acquired it to protect and restore an environment of exceptional beauty.

You park your vehicle near Tamarone Beach. At the end of this beach take the direction Santa Maria via the customs road. Halfway up, it takes a little height before descending to a pebble beach. From there, you can admire three islets dominated by a Genoese tower: the Finocchiarola ornithological reserve, with its special fauna, in particular the famous Audouin Gull, and rare plants such as the smallest daisy plant in Europe.

If you continue by the sea, you will gradually climb a small cliff from which you have a wonderful view of a three-tower line. Then you descend slightly, still in the same fragrant bush, to the chapel of Santa Maria (11th century), which gave its name to one of the towers. The latter, in a bold construction with feet in the water, gives the place an indefinable charm.

If you walk around it, you will find that it is completely divided into two parts: a beautiful longitudinal section drawn as if to inform you about the interior design of a Genoese tower. If you continue for a few minutes, you will discover a small sandy bay: Cala Genovese, where the sea is a tourist blue.


The Customs Trail leads from the top of the Cape to Centuri, but this short walk will have given you a wonderful insight into it.

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