Corsican wines

Corsican wines

The wine tradition in Corsica dates back to ancient times. Six centuries before Christ, the Greeks made the wine of Alalia (Aléria) one of their favourite drinks. The Romans took power. As early as 35 BC, Virgile mentioned the qualities of Balagne wine, a ruby red colour and a pleasant taste.
Nowadays, Corsican winegrowers are developing a "quality approach". Among other things, they favour the selection and improvement of local grape varieties such as Nielucciu, Sciaccarellu and Vermentinu.


The Nielucciu
This grape variety is mainly found in the Patrimonio vineyard. It is the basis for the reputation of this name. To a lesser extent, it is present in all the appellation areas of the island and accounts for 35% of the wine-growing areas.
Twin brother of the "Sangiovese" (Chainti region), this variety is called Nielucciu because niellu means "black, dark, hard".
It produces rich and round, long, robust and fleshy red wines, but also high quality rosé wines with a bright pink colour, very fruity, fine and elegant.

The Sciaccarellu
A grape variety found only in Corsica, where it accounts for 15% of the wine-growing areas. It dominates the western granitic Corsica, its favourite sterroir.
A grape variety that reveals a great finesse, combined with an unforgettable peppery bouquet.
Rosé wines are produced, light pink to salmon-coloured, very aromatic and fruity, lively and pleasant.


The Vermentinu
White grape variety, also known as "Malvoisie de Corse". It accounts for 17% of the vineyards spread all over the island.
It produces wines of very high quality, among the best white wines of the Mediterranean, very distinctive, with strong floral aromas.
Integrated into the red wines, these white wines are also used to make rosé wines with a strong personality.



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