Corsican beer

Corsican beer

The Pietra Brewery was founded in 1996. The starting product is Pietra beer, which incorporates a regional raw material, the chestnut, into its production. It is the first beer in the world to be brewed from a mixture of malt and chestnut flour. It's a real success: chefs from big restaurants also use it for delicious recipes. The brewery has developed two other beers, La Colomba and La Serena, which are equally popular.


PIETRA is a beer with a speciality of bottom fermentation, with an alcohol content of 6° and a beautiful amber colour. It is brewed according to traditional and artisan methods from selected malts and Corsican chestnut flour. Chestnuts mixed with malt during mashing are used as a raw material and not as an aroma.

COLOMBA is a 5° wheat beer brewed from barley and wheat malt and seasoned with Maquis herbs. Unfiltered from bottom fermentation, its natural disorder is due to the presence of yeasts, but in the heart of the macchia it finds its unique taste and nose. Arbutus, myrtle, juniper, a subtle and delicate blend of these species is prepared in a large tea ball and infused while the must is being cooked in the spring tank.

SERENA is one of the few blonde beers to offer 100% pure malt. Light with 5° alcohol, it has an air foam, a very fine bitterness and a great thirst-quenching power. With the bottom fermentation, it has all the characteristics of a traditional beer. The production process is carried out with the greatest care.



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